About us

Boardplacement.com / Stiftungsratsmandat.com is the first digital mediation platform for foundation councils and association boards in Switzerland.

We are committed to the creation of management competence, diversification, diversity of opinion and independence in the supervisory bodies of foundations and institutions.
Boardplacement.com / Stiftungsratsmandat.com contributes with its business model for foundations and associations to the optimal appointment of the foundation council / association board. We will show you how you can select the right candidate from a variety of selection options to match your requirements profile. You make your own selection quickly, easily and at very favourable conditions.

The origin

The origin of this platform lies in the empirical social science master thesis "Optimale VR-Komposition in Schweizer KMU" (Optimal VR Composition in Swiss SMEs) written by the founder at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich on the subject of administrative boards. The central question was: "Does a transparent, stringent process exist in Swiss SMEs to replace or extend the existing VR in a targeted manner? The results were supported by a survey of more than 322 board chairmen or delegates of the board of directors of Swiss SMEs. A business model could be derived from the recommendations for action that became visible. Shortly after the launch, the first foundations were found.

Boardplacement.com / Stiftungsratsmandat.com is run by Composit Management & Training GmbH; since 30 November 2012, our service has been live.

In line with our new business idea, we also work largely paperless and ask for your understanding.


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